Friday, July 17, 2009

I long for new makeup and dresses

I seriously feel like I haven't purchased anything new for myself in ages. Nothing fun atleast, just food, gas and 436.00 brakes for my car. car in a 2007 Jetta, its not even old, major FAIL with the VW rear brakes for my year vehicle though. Not cool.

Anyways.....I really want to get a dress exactly like Marilyn's in The Seven Year Itch.... And my hair is basically cut to be styled just like that too, how fun would that be. I then will need some buddies to have an awesome girls not out with. Wearing super cute outfits and being all glamorous.

I seriously want to get a whole bunch of the Besame products, if only I had money to blow on things I want like new makeup :-(

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time to start blogging away

Alright guys, I finally decided to make a blog for myself. I want to start sharing way more of my thoughts and vintage affection through this rather than rambling on vids on youtube only! Thanks for every one who will read this and appreciate it, I have met so many of you amazing people out there and can't wait to meet more!

To the side is today's makeup look, I hope to post one each day. Tutorial available on my youtube!