Sunday, October 11, 2009

Christian Dior: Then And Now

Hello lovelies,

So I decided that today I was going to catch up on current day couture fashion shows, for the fall season. I tend to focus on the ones whom have made an impact on fashion during the time dearest to my heart--the 40s and 50s. I must say Christian Dior has the key to my heart when it comes to any form of high fashion, couture or ready to wear.

Above, as we all should know--The New Look (1947)

In my opinion-- the epitome of classic 40s glamor in a nutshell.

Timeless and inspiring Dior has debuted some similar styled
original pieces for Fall 2009, pictured below.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

All is relative

"Fashion is more usually a gentle progression of revisited ideas." -Bruce Oldfield.

Those are the words to define what encompasses our vintage desires. Below we can see the ways of relativity as we travel through the decades and revisit the past. Generally a nice forty-year difference in some very familiar fashion items!

1920s- T-Strap Shoes (purple), 1960s- T-Strap Shoes (Black & Mustard)

1930s Day Dress Patterns, 1970s Day Dress

1940s 2-button swing coat(black), 1980s 2-button swing coat (red)

1950s Crop Top, 1990s Crop Top

I love when things like this are traceable, fashion forecasting isn't that hard now is it?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Because diamonds are a girls best friend

I was briefly walking through a local antique mall this evening when I came across this stunning ring in a case. There
were so many to look at, but this one caught my eye. I was not planning to buy anything but at $29.99 I had to make the purchase. I am not much for gold, but this was GORGEOUS and so shiny and glowing that I knew I had to have it! It looks like its a real diamond vintage engagement band.

I also came across this stunning pair of large circular spotlight earrings, with golden waved pattern circling the bold Topaz colored gem. I am in love with these, and not just because they were a steal at only $4.00! Crazy, I know! :-) I am so glad to share my finds with you all. ANDDDDD....also I JUST received my HELLS BELLES purse!!!!!!!
I am so stoked on this for fall, now I just need to get a stunning new peacoat to complete the look for the upcoming seasons!

Any suggestions anyone?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Thoughts

What a dream boat Montgomery Clift was. A place in the Sun was an amazing movie, his clear chemistry with Elizabeth Taylor is seemingly unmatched these days. I wish it were back in 1951...and we could all go out for fancy dinners in our best dresses, spend hours preparing and chatting with our girlfriends and awaiting the fun filled night ahead. We could spend the days drooling over men like Montgomery Clift....ahhh who is with me on this one?

The perfect day to evening hat

The perfect evening bracelet

The perfect suitcase for my Nor Cal getaway...(any one know if the airlines let you take vintage suitcases?)