Friday, July 17, 2009

I long for new makeup and dresses

I seriously feel like I haven't purchased anything new for myself in ages. Nothing fun atleast, just food, gas and 436.00 brakes for my car. car in a 2007 Jetta, its not even old, major FAIL with the VW rear brakes for my year vehicle though. Not cool.

Anyways.....I really want to get a dress exactly like Marilyn's in The Seven Year Itch.... And my hair is basically cut to be styled just like that too, how fun would that be. I then will need some buddies to have an awesome girls not out with. Wearing super cute outfits and being all glamorous.

I seriously want to get a whole bunch of the Besame products, if only I had money to blow on things I want like new makeup :-(


  1. I would go out with you if I lived in Arizonia!

  2. I'm longing for the same things, my dear - perhaps with some fab footwear and an autumn coat thrown into the mix, too.

    Thank you very much for your comment, sweetie! I hope you're having an awesome - big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica