Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Modern Day Vintage Lifestyle Goodies

Hello darlings, this is just something fun I was thinking about last night. We all know that there are touches of the past in everything we see in today's markets, but some items are more encompassing of the past than others. Below are just some fun little extras to add some flare to our every day lives, little touches of past.

Auto Expessions 3D Cherry Air Freshener
(this is ADORABLE, perfect for the rockabilly gal in you)

Silk Mums
(We cannot forget to keep
some silk flowers around the house, mums are my all time favorite)

1950s-Inspired Quilt
(This evokes a beautiful guest room quilt from the 40's-50s. Its a quilt, but printed rather than stitched, modern advances of course)


Better Homes & Gardens
(Founded in 1922, still available and amazing to this day!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Vintage Dame's Must-Haves

To live the vintage lifestyle a gal must have a few select items to make it through the years! :-)

1. Dusting Powder (My current powder is by Elizabeth Arden, in the scent Pretty)

2. Boots Cold Cream

3. MAC Russian Red Lipstick ( My favorite matte lipstick)

4. False Lashes (perfect daily wear lashes)

5. Peignoir Set

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dream rides of a vintage gal

A girl has to dream sometimes right? Well I find myself dreaming of what sweet ride I would love to caught cruisin' Route 66 in....and I am pretty sure that a 1952 Cadillac would do the trick for me! Wow!!!

Alright ladies...a HENRY J...I mean we cannot go wrong with a 1951 shiny blue Henry J!! The unique detailing on this car is unmatched in my book. I cannot imagine how awesome it would feel to drive around in this classic piece of art!

What are your dream rides?!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!!!

No Christmas tree would be complete without a Lucy ornament. A collectors ornament from my childhood, I cannot help but include on my tree (not just because of my extreme I Love Lucy obsession.)
Angels are always welcome on my tree as well, especially snow baby angels. I must say Lucy and my snow angel make up my two favorite Christmas ornaments, and I can certainly thank my grandmother for them. Grandmothers always know the best gifts to give. :-)

What are your favorite ornaments?!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintageous Atomizers

Happy Monday!!

I found these gems in two local antique store on Saturday evening. They were a steal, at only $6.50 and $11.00 and they are 1950s original atomizers. I filled them with some pleasant scents I had lying around, but I cannot express how much I am adoring them!! The white one is etched with two roses on each side and the amber one is hand-painted from Italy with golden dots!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Vintageous Thanksgiving

Hello dears,

I wish every one out there a Happy Thanksgiving. I love this classic vintage illustration of a retro Thanksgiving. I hope one day to celebrate this day in that fashion!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Christian Dior: Then And Now

Hello lovelies,

So I decided that today I was going to catch up on current day couture fashion shows, for the fall season. I tend to focus on the ones whom have made an impact on fashion during the time dearest to my heart--the 40s and 50s. I must say Christian Dior has the key to my heart when it comes to any form of high fashion, couture or ready to wear.

Above, as we all should know--The New Look (1947)

In my opinion-- the epitome of classic 40s glamor in a nutshell.

Timeless and inspiring Dior has debuted some similar styled
original pieces for Fall 2009, pictured below.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

All is relative

"Fashion is more usually a gentle progression of revisited ideas." -Bruce Oldfield.

Those are the words to define what encompasses our vintage desires. Below we can see the ways of relativity as we travel through the decades and revisit the past. Generally a nice forty-year difference in some very familiar fashion items!

1920s- T-Strap Shoes (purple), 1960s- T-Strap Shoes (Black & Mustard)

1930s Day Dress Patterns, 1970s Day Dress

1940s 2-button swing coat(black), 1980s 2-button swing coat (red)

1950s Crop Top, 1990s Crop Top

I love when things like this are traceable, fashion forecasting isn't that hard now is it?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Because diamonds are a girls best friend

I was briefly walking through a local antique mall this evening when I came across this stunning ring in a case. There
were so many to look at, but this one caught my eye. I was not planning to buy anything but at $29.99 I had to make the purchase. I am not much for gold, but this was GORGEOUS and so shiny and glowing that I knew I had to have it! It looks like its a real diamond vintage engagement band.

I also came across this stunning pair of large circular spotlight earrings, with golden waved pattern circling the bold Topaz colored gem. I am in love with these, and not just because they were a steal at only $4.00! Crazy, I know! :-) I am so glad to share my finds with you all. ANDDDDD....also I JUST received my HELLS BELLES purse!!!!!!!
I am so stoked on this for fall, now I just need to get a stunning new peacoat to complete the look for the upcoming seasons!

Any suggestions anyone?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Thoughts

What a dream boat Montgomery Clift was. A place in the Sun was an amazing movie, his clear chemistry with Elizabeth Taylor is seemingly unmatched these days. I wish it were back in 1951...and we could all go out for fancy dinners in our best dresses, spend hours preparing and chatting with our girlfriends and awaiting the fun filled night ahead. We could spend the days drooling over men like Montgomery Clift....ahhh who is with me on this one?

The perfect day to evening hat

The perfect evening bracelet

The perfect suitcase for my Nor Cal getaway...(any one know if the airlines let you take vintage suitcases?)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer into Autumn

So it is time again to share some thoughts of mine...which doesn't come around as often as it should. I am pleased to say that I have finally moved into my new place and things are shaping up as they should. I find myself now listening to "Georgia on my mind" sung by Ray Charles...amazing. Anyways, I have time to get back into the swing of things with youtube and hopefully on here. I have a few new amazing purchases like that of a new Vera scarf...ahh Vera how I love thee. I have about 4 Vera's in my collection now. I am really hoping to get ahold of an amazing vintage coat this season..as well as finding some amazing outfits to wear in San Francisco and Nor Cal when I visit this coming month. I cannot begin to even express how much love and adoration I have for all things vintage....its unbelievable. I would have it NO other way. NO other way than to fall in love with pictures I have from the past, ads, cards, makeup, hair, clothing...every thing. I am also very much so loving color sensational lipstick from Maybelline: "Red Revival" and "Are You Red-dy" are the two shades I recommend!! Gorgeous color pay off.

They just do NOT make them like this anymore..GORGEOUS

Thank you to all who read my posts, as few and far between as they are, I promise to provide more information and links worthy of posting. <3

Friday, September 11, 2009

Vintageous Find with Makeup Look

I located an amazing find at Goodwill last night--a gorgeous dress, is more of a reproduction piece, very classic styling on it, more of a flowing day dress, crinoline can be wore underneath for added volume. Perfect for an outdoor photoshoot, I am actually going to do one coming up very soon. My makeup today is inspired by the dress: I am in love with my newest find and cannot wait to wear it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fall wishlist......

So we are moving into the new place a week from today..also getting a puppy to go along with the kitty we already have. I wanted to name our new black lab puppy "Lucy" because...well I have an extreme obsession with "I Love Lucy." I have also a strong admiration for "Bewitched" amazing, Elizabeth Montgomery is gorgeous and classic natural beauty. She was a doll...a living doll. I long to be that way, I think I'm half way there....HA. Well I have several things I would love to have this coming season...in no particular order:

1. Besame Cosmetics
2. Josie Maran Cosmetics

3. Black Wiggle Dress

4. Hells Bells Handbag

I think if I keep this up that im doomed...and will be depressed as to all the goodies I want....gah...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Recent affairs

It comes to mind..initially that things in this life of mine have been questionable at best since the beginning of the year. I do, however, see them looking up for the long haul. I have a job now..again that is going well for me, and this is an astonishing thing as I really was beginning to think that I would never get the chance to work again since the economy has been down......way down for well the past year for reals, even longer than that though. Anyways, I have now been able to move out and get a sweet apartment, do it up all retro vintage style, rockabilly style. And..I cannot wait. Seriously this will just be awesome. Lets just hope I don't lose my job. HA....wow that would be nice. So I am looking forward to a few things--- The decor in this photo is what the apartment direction will be, total rockabilly. And this..sims interpretation is ADORABLE, the girl is cute and her little dress, soooo cute. I found this image to better describe what I am going for!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Long time no post...and that was against what I had set out to do with this blog. I have had some weird things going on lately.. and well I have a job again, starting tomorrow, I hope it goes well. The last thing I need to happen is to get a job after months of fighting through the fierce competition then have it be a failure. I guess the only thing left to do is to keep my head up..and maintain positivity. But, who knows right? I have fallen in love with so many Bettie Page Clothing dresses, and the following link is to the dress I tried on, and was about to purchase.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I long for new makeup and dresses

I seriously feel like I haven't purchased anything new for myself in ages. Nothing fun atleast, just food, gas and 436.00 brakes for my car. And...my car in a 2007 Jetta, its not even old, major FAIL with the VW rear brakes for my year vehicle though. Not cool.

Anyways.....I really want to get a dress exactly like Marilyn's in The Seven Year Itch.... And my hair is basically cut to be styled just like that too, how fun would that be. I then will need some buddies to have an awesome girls not out with. Wearing super cute outfits and being all glamorous.

I seriously want to get a whole bunch of the Besame products, if only I had money to blow on things I want like new makeup :-(

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time to start blogging away

Alright guys, I finally decided to make a blog for myself. I want to start sharing way more of my thoughts and vintage affection through this rather than rambling on vids on youtube only! Thanks for every one who will read this and appreciate it, I have met so many of you amazing people out there and can't wait to meet more!

To the side is today's makeup look, I hope to post one each day. Tutorial available on my youtube!