Friday, August 21, 2009

Recent affairs

It comes to mind..initially that things in this life of mine have been questionable at best since the beginning of the year. I do, however, see them looking up for the long haul. I have a job now..again that is going well for me, and this is an astonishing thing as I really was beginning to think that I would never get the chance to work again since the economy has been down......way down for well the past year for reals, even longer than that though. Anyways, I have now been able to move out and get a sweet apartment, do it up all retro vintage style, rockabilly style. And..I cannot wait. Seriously this will just be awesome. Lets just hope I don't lose my job. that would be nice. So I am looking forward to a few things--- The decor in this photo is what the apartment direction will be, total rockabilly. And this..sims interpretation is ADORABLE, the girl is cute and her little dress, soooo cute. I found this image to better describe what I am going for!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Long time no post...and that was against what I had set out to do with this blog. I have had some weird things going on lately.. and well I have a job again, starting tomorrow, I hope it goes well. The last thing I need to happen is to get a job after months of fighting through the fierce competition then have it be a failure. I guess the only thing left to do is to keep my head up..and maintain positivity. But, who knows right? I have fallen in love with so many Bettie Page Clothing dresses, and the following link is to the dress I tried on, and was about to purchase.