Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feeling MOD

Ok--so generally I am not much for anything past the early sixties, but I find myself gravitating towards certain MOD fashion pieces. With some early 60s inspirations I fall in love with certain 60s dresses that combine classic 50s sophistication with edgier MOD styling:

Jackie O Meets MOD: beautiful 60s floral print, a transitional shade of 50s coral with sixties modern styling, idealistic for a classy Jackie O day dress. Raising the bust line to empire status creates a modern feel. All we need are some gloves, a pillbox hat and a beautiful over coat!

I dream in blue and white: Barbara Eden in "I Dream of Jeannie" is written all over this dress, she wore a dress seemingly just like this in Season 2 of the show, episode 5: My wild-eyed master. Love this.

Mission to Saturn: This classic dress has inspirations of the 1950s atomic age transitioning into 1960s race to space. The detailing around the neckline hints at fifties conservative ideals paired with color-blocking fads of the mid sixties.


  1. I have often said I have vintage fashion schizophrenia, I love all things vintage. And while I originally only wanted 50's and 60's dresses, I now find myself admiring 70's denim and leather and 80's gliz. Love it all, but the first dress you've shown is why I started at all!

  2. Its stunning! I love it so much, I want it!!!